digital citizenship

What I have learned about digital citizenship is that a digital footprint is everything that can be found out about you online. It is important¬† to keep a positive digital image because everything that you post today can be seen in the future.¬† This can become important when I start applying for colleges or looking for a job.¬† What I have learned about cyberbullying is that what people say online can hurt your feelings and you know better to hurt your friends. I think that it is wrong to hurt everyone’s feeling because if you would hurt them then they would not want to be your friend.

My first week back at school

My first week back at school was really awesome. My friends are really nice to me and they help me when I need it. The reason why I like it is because my friends treat me really good. My friends names are Coach Musick, Laura Denfield, her sister Marybeth, Ms. Davis, Carson McDaniel, Carson Andrews, Mrs Darby, and Taylor Tramel.